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We colour your events!

Welcome to our colour powder store! You will find here the colour powder you need for your parties, events, race, gender reveal, snow festivals and more.

Also discover other orginal products such as Chinese lanterns and LED Luminous balloons. All of our products are developped and created with the only purpose to create unique and colorful memories.

Show your colours!


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Wish Lanterns

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" Nouwee has the gift to create unforgettable and strong moments and we can admit they've hit the bulls-eye [...] "

Maman consomme

" Wow!!! What a beautiful activity we made yesterday with our kids! […] The stars in they eyes worth all the gold in the world "

Maman 4 en 5

" A thousand thanks to […] Nouwee for the luminous balloons and the outside and inside party atmoshpere "


" Nouwee greatly fulfill […] its mission leaving rich memories of special moments lived with our loved ones. "

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We are the BIGGEST colour powder and wish lantern DISTRIBUTOR IN QUEBEC!

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